Who Writes This Stuff?

My name is Adam Osterloo. My wife and I live in Northern Alabama with our son. We own a small business servicing work trucks and trailers. I’m a multi-instrumentalist specializing primarily in piano/keyboards. I have a degree and background in audio engineering, and I am also a part time Worship Ministry Coordinator at our church.

Writing isn’t necessarily a passion of mine, but I enjoy thinking and learning, and I thought you might want to think and learn along with me.

The inspiration for these posts comes from the music we sing in our weekly worship services. When I stepped into the leadership role of the worship ministry, I was inspired to introduce new music to the church. 

As is often the case, musicians (myself included) spend a lot of time rehearsing the mechanics of the music we play (notes, rhythms, tempo, etc) but we don’t always spend time learning the lyrics and what the song is about. Vocalists might do so more naturally because their focus is more on the lyrics. But, even then, sometimes the focus on melody, tone, timing, tempo, etc might override the need for understanding or knowledge of what we’re singing about.

I tell my team often, we cannot lead people where we aren’t willing or able to go ourselves. That is why I write these. To help myself and my fellow musicians and vocalists in the ministry, and anyone else who has a desire, better connect with the music we’re singing and playing. After all, what is a worship service led by people who aren’t worshiping? A concert.